Uros (Uki) Certic: Portrait of a stuntman

A few years ago I had the honor of meeting stuntman Uki Certic. It didn’t take long for me to realize he was the real deal and I wanted to learn more. When I asked him for an interview he graciously accepted! I asked Uki how he got started with stunts and motorcycles, he replied,
“I started working as a background performer while auditioning for tv commercials and acting roles and at about the same time I met a group of guys who were freestyle sport bike stunt riders and started training with them every weekend. I got very good, fast and soon I was doing stunt shows for all major events in B.C like monster trucks at BC place, the annual motorcycle show at Trade X in Abbotsford , all show and shines and bike rallies and a lot of charity events like Cops for Cancer, Firefighters for burns, The Virtue foundation annual stunt show and many more.” (Gosh I’m getting winded just thinking about it!)
He went on to say, “A couple of guys I rode with were film stunt guys and they informed me of where to train, what other skills I needed to perfect, in order to have a shot at being a stunt performer in film” I, “took all that in and started training in; gymnastics, horse back riding, long sword and daggers seminar, car stunt driving courses, kick boxing and weapons training at the famous, “Action Room” in New West etc.” He said he, “also started volunteering on set for coordinators, pulling mats, doing safety and learning 1st hand on set which was really priceless and after a while I got my chance and my 1st stunt credit on Smallville season 8 and the rest is history.” That really is exciting stuff!
I asked Uki, what accomplishments he is most proud of and what was the most favorite film that he had worked on? He replied,
“I am very proud of becoming a full union member as well as working on HUGE feature films like, “Mission Impossible 4 and the A-team, its not a small thing getting a call from a coordinator to work on blockbusters like that. They really have to trust you 110% that you will do what is asked of you 10 out of 10 times without one little mistake so that was confirmation in my mind that I am good at this and that hard work, really hard work does pay off.” “getting flown out to Egypt for a KFC commercial to jump a motocross from a ramp to ramp over a jeep was not a bad deal, and is one of my favorite gigs and experiences as well.”
I asked Uki, what challenges he has faced to get to where he is now? Injuries, rejections, anything of that nature? And he replied, “Discipline to train so much and eat right all year round not knowing when the next call will come and always being on hold so to speak.” I can relate to this statement, keeping in shape is a struggle. He says,
“I have not turned down a job yet and had to change plans and re-schedule my life many times but I truly love my job and I am very lucky to do it. I have had some injuries of course but nothing too major, broken scaphoid on my left wrist and a lot of cuts, scrapes and bruises, A LOT! My last two questions to Uki were, what are your future goals in the industry? And, who would you most like to work with/favorite celebrity you have already worked with? He answered,
“my goal is to keep doing what I love for as much as I can and start stunt coordinating, when hitting the concrete and riding wheelies becomes too painful 🙂 “I would love to work with Daniel Craig and the stunt team on the, “James Bond” films and would love to work with Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller and of course STONE COLD again, they are great to work with and true veterans.”
I must say I agree with Uki all the way, that is an amazing list of talented people and I am an undying fan of The James Bond series! I think Uki Certic would be a great fit in those films. I would like to express my gratitude to Uki for allowing me this opportunity to interview him and will be keeping an eye out for his upcoming projects! Thanks Uki!!

Vancouver Headshots | Essenin Kihada | Photography

Terita J. Peterson Headshot

For the past 10 years, at least, I have been getting my headshots done by my good friend Essenin Quijada. He is an amazing photographer and always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. He produces some of my favorite photos, here is a small example of his work and a link to his website, I urge you to check it out!

Check out his site here!

photo(71)Behind the monster


Essenin Kihada Fashion shoot






Town Hall Meeting for #Save BC Film!


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It is not often you see an industry get together to fight for survival, tonight was one of those nights! The turnout to the town hall meeting was amazing. 4,500 plus film industry workers gathered together in the hopes, that we can kickstart a campaign, the likes of which we have never seen. My number one take away was, we have to make people care, not just film people but everybody! We have to tell them our story, no matter how or where you fit in the industry. A comment made during the Q and A really summed this up for me. “We are the only industry that has such a huge ego that we don’t even have a name for ourselves” We just refer to it as “The industry” We have to show how the film industry affects our economy, culture, society, our psychology even. For many, film is a mystery that’s why I started this blog! To engage others with my story and the story of those I know and admire. But these people and myself are losing the chance to do what we love and in turn it is negatively affecting our local economy. When you think of a film production what comes to mind? The actors, the sets, the locations, the crew, wardrobe, makeup artists, hair dressers, drivers, extras, and on and on and on. How many extra dollars are brought into a local economy? The answer is a lot! EP Canada president, aka the person who signs my cheques (when I am working) says, they are gathering information on the numbers, of the actual losses but the picture is not good, studios are empty, many are out of work and I do not think people understand the full ramifications for B.C. I know this first hand, because so many of my friends and colleagues have left B.C. and taken their tax dollars, house buying potential, shopping, gym memberships, hell Starbucks revenue elsewhere. Ontario is becoming the new Hollywood North, or Hollywood East? The question is, for those that want to, and please, please want to!! How can you help? You can talk to others about how film affects you, how has it affected your life. One speaker talked of how a production had bought 20,000 dollars worth of roses from a florist for a wedding scene, the trickle down effect is so important to our economy and we are losing ALL of it! Storytelling is in our blood, lets use that to bring awareness to this cause. We are the only multibillion dollar industry that is not represented by a “Ministry” unlike Fisheries and Oceans or Forestry and much more eco-friendly! You have to start writing to your MLA’s, make appointments to see them face to face, this is your right! Do not take for granted the kind of change we can bring about if we just try. This is my “Braveheart” battle cry and instead of “Freedom” I cry “Film Industry, united we can work” Lets make it happen!

We Create BC! Check out this site for help with contacting you MLA!


Save BC Film


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