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Firstly, I would like to thank Brent for the opportunity to interview him for my blog. Brent was born in Manitoba, Canada but his pursuit of acting eventually lead him to Stratford Ontario, where he cut his acting chops. Some of the notable television credits to his name are  “Highlander: The series,” “Andromeda,” and “X-files” Brent has also worked in such films as, “Tron: Legacy,”  “Final Destination 5,” and “Mystery Alaska” After Stratford Brent moved to Toronto and started looking for work. He says “I got my first T.V. gig on a show called, “Night Heat” a Canadian crime show. ” Night Heat was one of the first Canadian shows to be broadcast by American network, CBS. Brent says he “had a lot of fun.”  on that show. From there Brent, “just kept auditioning and working. In the late 80’s everyone seemed to be going out to Vancouver to look for film work so I hitched a ride on a semi trailer working for the driver to get out to Vancouver and crashed on a friends sofa.” Those were the days, when actors, actress’s, and film professionals would flock to Vancouver for work! His favourite film to work on was, “Mystery Alaska.” Just because it was so much fun. A great group of people.” When I asked Brent about the challenges he faced he said,  “There are a lot of challenges in this business. The industry changes as the society changes and as an actor you have to follow suit. Everyday it’s something new. Internet, reality tv, twitter, social media, acting stays the same but the industry is always changing.” Brents future goals consist of, “writing more” and “talking to friends who are doing projects, and trying to do more of our own stuff.” I asked Brent about his character Rev Bem on Andromeda, since I have done prosthetics myself and I know how trying but also amazing it can be. He says, “Rev Bem was a lot of fun. Early mornings and lots of makeup though.” He, “would love to do another series but with his own face” I think I speak for the rest of us, when I say, that we would like that too Brent! I once again thank you for the opportunity and implore all my readers to go check out some of Brent Staits work. Till next time……………..

Tribute to one of my heros: Leslie Nielsen

Not many people know this but Leslie is Canadian and loved Vancouver! Not to mention Danish, like me! He could often be found hanging around Vancouver establishments, carefully placing his woopee cushion, on the chairs of innocent victims. He even had one of those fart machines and would catch unsuspecting people up in his pranks. “Airplane” was one of the first movies that ever made me laugh till I almost peed my pants! Leslie’s form of straight man humor is up there with the greatest of the greats! I have watched his movies with my son, in the hopes he will pass them onto his children and so on, forever and ever until the end of time. Lets always keep the memory, of this incomparable funny man, alive in our hearts and minds. I’m afraid watching Leslie from such a young age may have contributed to the formation of my humour, to the chagrin of my son and some others throughout my life. I always get a smile but usually with an eyebrow raised and a shake of the head to go with it. It still makes em laugh so what the hell, “before we are all blown to bits, mind if I pull the underwear outa my crack? A man’s gotta go comfortable” Or how about this one? She had, “a body so hot it could melt a cheese sandwich from across the room, and breasts that seemed to say, hey look at these, she was the kind of woman who made you want to drop to your knees and thank God you were a man, yyeeeeaaaahhhhh, she reminded me of my mother alright, no doubt about it” Love ya Leslie <3

V the series



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In 2010 I had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast and crew on the television series, “V” a remake of the 70′s show of the same name. I was a “V” (visitor from another planet) I worked on 3 different episodes, “The Pilot”, “A Bright New Day” and “Fruition” The part of the “The Pilot” I was in took place in a green screen room, a massive room painted green for computer generated graphics. A little while after the director calls, “action” and we are all doing our thing, one can hear whispers and chuckles (this rarely happens) And then, right out laughter! It was the director, apparently the hallways of spaceship had not been marked off properly and we were all walking through walls and out into space and the director and some of the crew could see this on their monitor. “A Bright New Day” was filmed at the Waterfall building in Vancouver, Canada. The architecture of the building really complemented the show and became our “Visitors Center” where we were being accepted into the country (USA) and onto the planet. I met many amazing and talented people on this set, both cast and crew. Some of my fellow “V’s” have gone onto great success including my friend Randy Rafuse, who played a customs agent whos nametag read A.Lone ;) Since then we have often remarked at the hillarious nature of said nametag. In “Fruition” I was a “V” doctor, equipped with all sorts of electronic devices. My friend Adrianna Edwards and Mark Edwards, who were also, ‘V’s’, have also gone onto great success! The set was on location in one of the citys largest cemeterys’ My favorite part was showing up to set on my scooter at 5 am it was pitch dark with a low hanging fog just above the gravestones, and me riding through at 30 kms an hour, those were good times. I had dearly hoped I might get the chance to do some prosthetic work but the show was cancelled, in my opinion, before its time buts that how it goes in this industry, nothing is forever, unless you are The Simpsons!

Canada’s Super Car | HTT Plethore


Canada has stepped into the supercar arena and boy what an entry! This supercar boasts perfect weight balance, and its carbon fiber construction makes it lighter than a Honda Civic but faster than a Lamborgini Murcielago with a neck snapping 0-60 in 3 seconds. Its 750 horsepower aluminim alloy V8 engine stands with the best in its class. Sexy scissor doors and aerodynamic flow make this car worth seeing at least once in your life. And finally its electronically adjustable suspension for clearing speedbumps and central driving position with room on each side for your plethora of hot babes of whatever gender, cause trust me if you drive this car, the babes would notice! 😉