Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing awesome! I have been busy with work and travel so I haven’t had a ton of time for my writing. I appreciate your patience and I’m glad to be able to present my latest interview with the fantastic and talented Cassandra Ebner! She is a Vancouver based stunt woman, actress and all around talented human being. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this interview and I hope you all enjoy it! I will also be starting video interviews, motorcycle tutorials and a little online store, so please stay tuned. 

VSG.) I have learned through my research that you got into stunts, because when you were young you wanted to be a superhero. Since you have now worked on productions like the The Flash and Arrow, do you feel like you have achieved super hero status?


Baby Cassandra

CE.) You did some pretty great digging! I use to train to be a superhero in my back yard when I was around 5/6 years old. Looking at my life now… Not too much has changed! I do feel like I am in the origin story of my life, like the story of Superman on Smallville. Or how Peter Parker became spider man. So yes, I am a superhero that is constantly finding new exciting superpowers!

VSG.) I see you have a number of acting credits to your name, is there anything within the film industry that you have yet to do that you would like to?

CE.) I want to keep creating performances for people that are believable, real, gritty and exciting! That is why I love doing my own stunts as an Actress, it brings the realism to another level! Next step is my own movie and a starring role next to Jackie Chan 😉 (A personal note from VSG, I would LOVE to see that also.)

VSG.) What was it like working on Game Of Thrones? I just started getting into this show as my free time has been limited but I am starting to see what all the hub bub is about, any special circumstances or stories from that show you care to share?

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

CE.) You need to catch up! You’re going to have it all spoiled for you ;)!!
Working on Game of Thrones was such a surreal experience. As a big fan of the show, seeing behind the scenes that everyone involved was so passionate and driven was truly satisfying! The atmosphere was so inspiring and I hope I can bring that to projects that I work on. As for a good story… The character I played was one of the Children of The Forest. They’re very majestic, tough and intelligent. What you don’t see is when the camera stops rolling all 6 of us women, covered in prosthetics, green paint and glue, run together huddled and laughing. We got thick skin when it comes to smashing into the ground, but sometimes you need a good hug to get that Ireland chill off your back. We love our craft even in the coldest of times!

Children Of The Forest Game Of Thrones

Children Of The Forest Game Of Thrones

VSG.) Was there anyone you have worked with that was particularity memorable or stood out for you?

CE. )Since were on the topic of Game Of Thrones I remember a particular lunch encounter with someone well known from the show. I am a big fan of a lot of shows but I try to keep it cool when I am in a working environment… When it came to John snow aka Kit Harrington opening the garbage can for me, I might have played it a little too cool. I went “thanks” as if I had no idea who he was. Little did he know as soon as he turned around I did the look back to him and my face went “OMG. JOHN SNOW. HE KNOWS NOTHING”!

VSG.) You are the second Vancouver based Stunt woman I have interviewed that has worked on Once Upon A Time and I know it has quite a following, what was it like working on that show?

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

CE.) Working on Once Upon a Time was like being in a dream. A hazy dream of detailed beautiful costumes you could never think of yourself! As a performer on the show the best part about throwing yourself to the ground or flying across a room, is your never concerned about you! I’m concerned about keeping the majestic piece of art on my body in tact, I know Ill be fine when I get back up but dang it, the art better be too!

VSG.) Have you had any injuries or anything that held you back at all?


CE.) You can’t break steel ;).

VSG.) What would you say to someone looking to get into film as a career?

CE.) I would say pursue what you love and don’t give up! It can be a hard road to get into any areas in film. So if your willing to listen, keen on learning, having fun and never giving up, you will do just fine =). I look forward to working with you!

Well, that was just awesome! Thank you again very much for your time and great answers to my questions. If anyone wants to follow Cassandra through social media, you can find her on her WebsiteInstagramTwitter, or subscribe to her Youtube page here!

Cassandra channeling Steve Mcqueen

Cassandra channeling Steve Mcqueen


  1. I’ve been following Cassandra’s work/life for a few years (youtube) and it’s so awesome to see how successful she’s become! I want a carrer in stunts because her and I’m forever thankful she put the idea in my head.

  2. Hey that is so cool! I am a fan of hers as well, which is why I wanted to do this interview and she was amazing, gracious and a star in the making! I am looking forward to watching her grow as a stunt woman and actress and seeing where her career goes. Thank you for reading and commenting, have a great day! <3 VSG

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