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The “I” Of The Beholder | Perfectionism And Film

Recently, I have been confronted with the subject of perfectionism in film and media both in Hollywood and North Hollywood. So much so, that I have started to lose interest in movies made in North America, because they do not seem real to me anymore. Perfect teeth, hair and bodies are not what I want to see when I am watching most films. I want to be lost in the story not distracted by all the pretty people! I am a huge fan of the British, Danish, and other foreign film industries for this reason, because the actors look like regular people!  Continue reading The “I” Of The Beholder | Perfectionism And Film

Robin Williams | The Final Cut In Vancouver

Whenever someone has asked me, who my favorite celebrity, that I have worked with, is? My answer is always the same, Robin Williams! In 2004 I had the honor of working with Robin on a little known movie called The Final Cut. The Final Cut was a darker movie than his usual roles.

I was a production assistant on that film so I was lucky enough to spend a little time just hanging out and chatting with the crew and the actors. Robin was an amazing guy. He treated everyone with respect, from the guy who picked up the garbage/cig butts on set to his fellow actors and everyone in between. I brought my son to the set to meet him one day and he recognized his voice as the Genie from Aladdin Continue reading Robin Williams | The Final Cut In Vancouver