Even Superman And Batman cannot #SAVEBCFILM from Liberal Government?

photo(24) Man Of Steel Fantastic Four As some of you may have heard, some big productions have packed up and left Vancouver for other cities with bigger tax breaks and incentives for film. Big budget blockbusters like “Man Of Steel 2”, and the “Fantastic Four” are headed for Ontario and Louisiana where the incentives are just better. Film is a business and there’s no place for loyalty when you cannot make, or in this case save money on production.If it weren’t for the fact that Vancouver already hosted all the X-Men films, Fantastic Four and

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Farewell To Cory Monteith 1982-2013

Cory MonteithMany at this time are speaking out regarding the passing of Cory Monteith, star of tv series “Glee.” As you can go anywhere to find out all the facts and details of how he died and why, from any of the news outlets out there. I would rather share with you just a few words to Cory and his family. I don’t want to speak of his sudden and tragic passing, since I doubt that is what he would have wanted. It has happened and I do not see the point of delving into his personal life to find out how, that is for his family to know if they so decide. We should focus on his life and the legacy he left, don’t you think he would have wanted it that way? Media could be altruistic instead of trying to analyze this story to bits. I for one refuse to jump on that bandwagon! So here are my two cents about Cory…..hope it does him any kind of justice? Continue reading

The Lone Ranger | Johnny Depp | Stunts | Injured


The Lone Ranger

There have been a few actors over the years who have been given the all clear to perform their own stunts, beginning with such Hollywood icons as Buster Keaton, and the incomparable Steve McQueen. And, more recently the amazing, Jackie Chan who has broken almost every bone in his body! The beautiful and talented actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie also performs her own stunts, when she can. Continue reading

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Honda CL350

Rooney Mara

It is not everyday that one encounters a character like Lisbeth Salander. An anti-heroine whose raw grit can only be described as haunting! The story follows a girl who sustains brutality but doesn’t give up without a fight. She fights back in the best way she knew how, through technology, absolutely fascinating, dontcha think? In this day and age, any one of us could be a spy! If you are a bad person, doing bad things, it is not so hard now, a, days to bring you down and out of the shadows and into the light.  Continue reading

Doctor Who | Rides


The Doctor, The Triumph, And Clara

The Doctor, The Triumph, And Clara

There have been many stories over the centuries that have the ability to grab you out of reality, shake up your world, and take you on a journey, full of excitement and wonder but none have run as long as “The Doctor Who” series, the first episode of which premiered in 1963. Continue reading