Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing awesome! I have been busy with work and travel so I haven’t had a ton of time for my writing. I appreciate your patience and I’m glad to be able to present my latest interview with the fantastic and talented Cassandra Ebner! She is a Vancouver based stunt woman, actress and all around talented human being. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this interview and I hope you all enjoy it! I will also be starting video interviews, motorcycle tutorials and a little online store, so please stay tuned.  Continue reading

Lauro “Lash” Chartrand Interview

Lauro Chartrand

Lauro Chartrand

My interview today is with the amazing Lauro Chartrand. He has worked on some of the biggest productions of our time including: “Rumble In The Bronx” “The Last Samurai” and Star Trek Insurrection” just to name a few. He also trained with the incomparable Fumio Demura! He got his start as a stuntman and moved into writing, directing, and producing. Read on to learn about his latest work! I hope you all enjoy this interview!

Question: I know you have worked on some the greatest film/television programs that have ever been created! What has been one of your favorite moments?

Answer: Wow! After 25 years there have been so many, but obviously a few really stand out. My first really big moment or moments because there were so many on this movie was meeting and working with Jackie Chan on “Rumble In The Bronx”! It was a dream come true! Jackie was so nice and so much fun to work with. I learned so much from him, I was just like a sponge on that show. I was initially turned away during casting as they thought I looked to young. I grew a beard and asked my friend Marc Akerstream (Stunt Coordinator) to re-submit me. So I got to goin again and Jackie did a little fight with me during the audition and said okay your hired. Talk about nervous! I mean I was just a young 24-year-old kid from the sticks trying to get some stunt gigs in the movies and here I was fighting with Jackie Chan and he casts me in his movie! I was contracted for 10 days and 55 days later I sadly finished on “Rumble In The Bronx”. It went on and on and on, but I wished that it would just keep going, so much fun! Jackie was very collaborative and attentive, he took his ideas from everyone and every where. During filming we had to park in the old Woolworth’s parkade (park garage) along Cordova street in Vancouver. It was 7 or 8 stories high. I use to park my truck at the top and at the end of the day when we wrapped I would climb up the outside of the parkade and up to my truck. Jackie watched me do this one day I guess, because he came up to me and said, I want to put that in the movie. My character will do that, but maybe you will double me for it. I was floored! Jackie Chan wants me to double him! He ended up doing it himself, but it was an honor that he used the idea and even thought of me as a double. There are many more in movies like “The Last Samurai” where we spent 5 month out of 8, shooting in New Zealand. Believe it or not “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” was an amazing experience for me because we filmed on the island of Santorini, Greece for a month. I had always wanted to go there. Shooting in the jungles of Panama with the Embera tribe on “End of the Spear” was a life changing experience. Doubling for Al Pacino in “Insomnia!” was a dream come true as well.

Question: Was there ever a moment when you thought, YES! I have made it?

Answer: I have had a few of those moments, but they were just moments as my mind immediately turns to, where can I go from here! My first one was when I worked with Chuck Norris because I watched all his movies as a kid and then I use to go train and work out on the bag and imitate his moves before I had traditional Martial Arts training. That moment was short-lived as I had a freak accident on the set of “The Hitman” the same night that Chuck asked me to stay and do a stunt. Basically he asked me, because he was a good friend of my Sensei (Karate Instructors). I was shot for real by accident when an overloaded blank gun exploded and a piece of the gun went through my stomach and into my liver. 3 surgeries and 4 months of recovery and I was back looking for stunt work. So like I said, it was a moment. I thought I had made it and then, “Bang”, I felt I hadn’t! The first time I worked for the legendary, Buddy Joe Hooker, I thought I had “made it”. I mean who do I work for from there! When I doubled Al Pacino I also thought, I made it, how can I double a better actor than this! So there have been a few moments, but I quickly look to the horizon for the next challenge. Continue reading

My Interview With Stunt Woman And Actress | Maja Aro

Maja Aro

Maja Aro

It is my overwhelming pleasure to bring to you the story of the beautiful and talented Maja Aro, formerly Maja Stace-Smith. This is a true vancouverstuntgirl, born in Williams lake BC. She has worked on some big productions both in Canada and abroad. She broke into the stunt world by way of meeting some stunt performers who hung out in an establishment she worked at, Toby’s Bar And Grill right in my very own neighbourhood. See East Van sign story!

So without further ado. here is my interview with Maja Aro,enjoy! Continue reading

CinemaZoo Animal Agency



Recently I had the immense pleasure of riding out to CinemaZoo to meet some really cool creatures, some of which are actually film and television actors. CinemaZoo is located in Surrey British Columbia and operated by Gary Oliver and Saron Doucette. CinemaZoo has all kinds of animals big and small, from reptiles and tortoises (I learned there was a difference) to a skunk, a skink, and a wonderful, beautiful parrot named Shakespeare! Continue reading

Interview with Canadian actor | Brent Stait





Firstly, I would like to thank Brent for the opportunity to interview him for my blog. Brent was born in Manitoba, Canada but his pursuit of acting eventually lead him to Stratford Ontario, where he cut his acting chops. Some of the notable television credits to his name are  “Highlander: The series,” “Andromeda,” and “X-files” Brent has also worked in such films as, “Tron: Legacy,”  “Final Destination 5,” and “Mystery Alaska” After Stratford Brent moved to Toronto and started looking for work. He says “I got my first T.V. gig on a show called, “Night Heat” a Canadian crime show. ” Night Heat was one of the first Canadian shows to be broadcast by American network, CBS. Brent says he “had a lot of fun.”  on that show. From there Brent, “just kept auditioning and working. In the late 80’s everyone seemed to be going out to Vancouver to look for film work so I hitched a ride on a semi trailer working for the driver to get out to Vancouver and crashed on a friends sofa.” Those were the days, when actors, actress’s, and film professionals would flock to Vancouver for work! His favourite film to work on was, “Mystery Alaska.” Just because it was so much fun. A great group of people.” When I asked Brent about the challenges he faced he said,  “There are a lot of challenges in this business. The industry changes as the society changes and as an actor you have to follow suit. Everyday it’s something new. Internet, reality tv, twitter, social media, acting stays the same but the industry is always changing.” Brents future goals consist of, “writing more” and “talking to friends who are doing projects, and trying to do more of our own stuff.” I asked Brent about his character Rev Bem on Andromeda, since I have done prosthetics myself and I know how trying but also amazing it can be. He says, “Rev Bem was a lot of fun. Early mornings and lots of makeup though.” He, “would love to do another series but with his own face” I think I speak for the rest of us, when I say, that we would like that too Brent! I once again thank you for the opportunity and implore all my readers to go check out some of Brent Staits work. Till next time……………..