Hello all,

So I rode the 2017 Street Glide Special from Harley Davidson last night and boy oh boy, is it ever a dream! The comfort level is out of this world. The new Milwaukee Eight engine is smooth as silk, quiet, and with very little vibration. The transmission now shifts like butter. The new counter balancer provides a smoother feel at idle.  4 valves per a head and higher compression ratio produces more torque; 2-3 bike lengths faster that the previous 103. The heat management system has improved greatly with a better sound coming from the motor.  The ease of use for the Boom audio system is amazing. If you think you can’t ride a touring bike, I think you would be amazed at how easy this bike is to handle. Ladies, men, and young people should really get out and give this motorcycle a try! I think you would be pleasantly surprised. There is nothing like cruising down the highway, listening to your own music, protected by the elements by the fairing, and just being free. There is nothing on earth like the feel of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. If you would like to book a test ride, shoot me an email @t.peterson@trevdeeley.com to try this bike today! Also stay tuned for video reviews on my Youtube Channel! Happy Riding!


2016 Harley Davidson XL883 IRON


Here is a review of The 2016 Harley Davidson XL883 IRON Sportster. I took this bike out and I was not sure what to expect? I was worried it wouldn’t have enough power to satisfy my need for speed. I am accustomed to riding 1000 cc bikes or higher and I just didn’t know if this bike would have enough power for me? Well, I was wrong! Yet again I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the comfort factor of being in a more reclined riding position. There is something to be said for lifting your head up and taking in the world around you when going for a ride. I also felt the bike had enough power to get me around town and/or on the highway if need be. I love the handling of this motorcycle and I feel it would be an excellent starter bike for someone getting into motorcycling. I feel it would also work well for an intermediate rider. Shorter riders may benefit from the low seat height as well. With many different paint choices and custom options for this bike. It is a great candidate for a custom of one. If you would like to take this bike for a spin and see what everyone is talking about, please call me at (604)291-2453 and ask for Terita, to book a test ride. You can also shoot me an email at tpeterson@trevdeeley.com. Or check out our Sportster 883 Iron model here. Sporty or browse the rest of our inventory here. New Inventory.


2016 Harley Davidson Street Bob


This is The 2016 Street Bob (FXDB) motorcycle from Harley Davidson. I took this out for a spin and was pleasantly surprised as I have ridden sport bikes for a long time and was not sure what to expect from a Harley Davidson motorcycle. One of the main arguments out there is that Harley’s are heavy, but I found most of the weight is down low and it doesn’t affect the power at all. The POWER (WOW) this bike knocked my sox off! It does have a few custom modifications from stock and boy does it move! Possibly the most torque I have ever experienced, scratch that, THE most!!! Handling? Well, let me tell you. It handles like a dream, not what I was expecting at all. Add to that, the fact that, I feel like the biggest bad ass to have ever hit the road; the look, the sound, and the styling are what dreams are made of. Every Harley I ride


becomes my favorite but I have to say, today, THIS is my favorite Harley Davidson Motorcycle. And if anyone tells you, “girls don’t ride those kind of bikes” “They are too big, too fast” They are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  If you want to come and test ride this beauty for yourself or if you have any questions at all related to motorcycling, and/or would like to purchase a motorcycle please call me at (604)291-2453 and ask for Terita. Or visit here to browse our NEW INVENTORY or check out one of our in stock STREET BOB motorcycles!