Vancouver Stunt Girl visits Tennessee

Being that I was born and raised in Canada, I have not had much of a chance to travel in The United States, other than a few trips to Washington and California. Recently however I made it as far as Tennessee, Chattanooga and Nashville to be exact. Coming from Canada there are a lot of stereo types that come with the Southern states, none of which I was exposed to, yet. (I am going back soon for a longer trip as I loved it so much) Instead of stereotypes I found the people to be super pleasant and polite.  Continue reading

Sea To Sky


Got out for an awesome ride on the beautiful Sea To Sky highway here in Vancouver. If you come for a visit from out of town, I do recommend you take a rip up to Whistler, the scenery is just amazing! Here are a few shots from the ride! And a special thank you to my friend Zeb for letting me use his bike for the ride, also Jon B for riding with me and taking the pictures! 🙂


Italian Day Part 2


As promised here is some more photos from this years Italian Day celebration on The Drive, in Vancouver. If you think you would like to attend something like this there will be a few car free days coming up and I urge you to check it out! The next one taking place Sunday June 16th, starting at noon! Join myself and many other locals for a fun outdoor day!

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Italian Day On The Drive

As some of you may already know, I reside near an area in Vancouver known as, “The Drive” It is essentially the Italian neighbourhood of Vancouver. It has coffee shops as far as the eye can see, authentic Italian cuisine, wine shops, bakery’s, just to name a few. Once a year, “The Drive” hosts, “Italian Day” A wonderful day where the street is shut down to vehicles and all can enjoy what this fantastic little neighbourhood has to offer. This year I was in for a special treat, because they had an impromptu show and shine with some lovely rare bikes and cars. If you are from Vancouver or plan to visit I suggest checking out this event! I took a ton of pictures so this is part 1, I will upload the rest very soon. Thank you for reading.  Continue reading

Bread Education Freedom: GFFW Short Film Contest

Thomas and Maria

Over the years I have had the honor of being introduced into the Greek culture. I learned many concepts but amongst them something that this film sets out to illustrate, “filotimo” or “the love of honor.” There is no doubt the world is currently in a state of flux, a crisis if you will, economically, environmentally, spiritually. And as filmmaker Demitri Douzenis pointed out, the word, “crisis” itself was invented by The Ancient Greeks. The Greek culture is in fact, a part of the very fibre of our modern existence and Greece in many ways, the cradle of Western civilization.  Continue reading