Honda And Vancouver Stunt Girl | A Match Made In Heaven

IMG_20150619_114212Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing and brings with it, a renewed and bright new outlook on life. I have recently taken a position with Honda as a motorcycle parts specialist which has kept me rather busy and focused on motorcycles daily. It fufills me to do what I love and I haven’t given up on film or writing and quite the contrary I am working on a couple of new interviews and will have those up soon. Film is in fact ridiculously busy with productions like Deadpool with Ryan Renolds and shows like Fear The Walking Dead. There is no doubt it is going to be an awesome summer! I hope to “marry” my motorcycles with film a whole lot more in the future as well. In case anyone noticed I took a break from writing for a little while and got a little discouraged. I realized that I am not one thing in life. Like all of you there are many parts to me and I want to do them all and be them ALL! I want to work with motorcycles, write, work in film, be a dog lover and advocate and I realized I can. I can do anything and everything I want in life and so can you, so go for it! I want to say thank you to my mom for helping me through this time and supporting me in getting back to it and living my dreams, without that I do not feel truly alive, I wonder if any of you feel the same? On that note my mom is a wonderful artitst and she paints beautiful portraits, please check her art out! She does custom work from photographs so if you have anything you want immortalized in a unique way, please have a look for me. Tomorrow I will have a post relating to an awesome custom paint job a customer of did on his helmet! It is really awesome! See you then and thank you for reading!

My dog Kilo photo and painting

My dog Kilo photo and painting!

Please Sign This!


Hello everyone,

My apologies once again for my absence. I have been busy working and gathering information for future blog posts!


As some of you may already know, I would love to see an Academy Award for stunts in my lifetime! I feel that stunt performers deserve recognition for all the hard work they do to bring us the entertainment that we so enjoy. To help see this happen I have signed this petition and I would like for you to sign it too! Thank you!




IMG_20140622_205942(1)“Life itself is only a vision, a dream; nothing exists save empty space and you. And you are but a thought.” Mark Twain

Dreams! Aren’t they what make life worth living, to the fullest? Setting goals and shooting for those goals is what adds value to ones life. What are you passionate about? Film, dance, motorcycles, art, people, animals, birds, trees, flowers, MUSIC? Whatever it is, do it! And do it with passion! Do it the best way you know how and don’t hesitate. Don’t listen to naysayers. If it makes you angry? Great! Let it fuel your flame! The greatest fighters have the biggest hearts Fight the odds, and whatever circumstances are against you just do it! and do it! And keep doing it!   We all get down, that’s ok that’s life! Keep trying, life is in the try. Learn everything you can about what interests you and keep learning. There is a Buddhist proverb that tells us to always keep a “beginners mind” and to never allow yourself, to believe, that you have learned all there is to know on any given subject. There is nothing more useful in life than hard work. I’ve worked in the crappiest jobs, dealing with the worst people, just to sustain my dream. Don’t let them discourage  you or bring you down! Strength is defined less by the physical but more so by the mind. The greatest and most successful people I have known, never let anyone take control of them by allowing negative thoughts to rent space in their head. Laugh in the face of darkness to bring light to the world. Laugh in the face of adversity. This life is not so long that you should waste a single minute of it. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have reached your goal, it only matters that you tried. Stay tuned for my interview with a stunt performer in my very next post! In the meantine, here is me riding The Huntress’s motorcycle from the first season of the Arrow television series!




Be The Water!

A diamond in the ruff. Warning strong language!

Beginners mind

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, I have definitely neglected my writing but I have a good excuse! I decided to upgrade my training, during winter. (No motorcycle riding) I have done this numerous times in my life, from college degrees to summer theater schools, whatever, knowledge is power. Continue reading