Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Hello Strangers,

It has been awhile since my last post, my apologies! It has always been my belief that if you don’t have anything of quality to say, it’s better to wait until you do. I know it is not the world of blogs, since it’s all about output. I don’t do this for monitary gain. I do it because I love it. I love writing and motorbikes and film and I want to share that with the world. On that note, this summer is going to be a dream summer for me! My childhood dreams are coming true and I can’t wait to share it with you. I have  a few projects coming up, that I have been furiously working on and has taken up quite a bit of my time. Also, I  finally have some new and very interesting interviews for you very soon. It is Spring again here in Canada and I have been out riding my motorcycle quite a bit. I am planning to purchase a dream bike this summer and I will get some videos up here for you to see it. For now here is a few lovelies I saw today, ya! I know my heart skipped a beat too! I will be back very soon! <3



Fifty Shades Of Grey | Tomorrowland | George Clooney | Chooses Vancouver

Fifty Shades Of GreyWho needs Superman, Batman, and The Fantastic Four, when you have The World Of WarCraft, Fifty Shades Of Grey, and George Clooney in town. After announcing that the World Of Warcraft movie will be filmed in Vancouver, I have learned that the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie And Tomorrowland starring George Clooney will be filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Readers, I think I may have to eat my words on the notion that the Vancouver film industry is faltering. This doesn’t mean that I  feel that our government has done everything needed and everything is ok now, more can always be done but with that being said, I am very happy 😀 for the future of BC film. The Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise has shattered sales records and I know the movies will do the same, based on the books by E.L. James, it has swept the world, surpassing The Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight series. It is the fastest selling and best-selling book of all time! I love great stories and I love being a part of great stories more than anything in the world, reading them, writing them, filming them, guess my chances of doing that has just improved, ten fold. I plan to try to get any updates to you as soon as I have them and hoping for some interesting interviews, thanks all!



World Of WarCraft Movie | Comes To Vancouver

WOWAs some of you may already know I am a massive video game fanatic and have been since the days of ColecoVision, that is before Atari, no I’m not making it up it did exist and if there ever were an epic and all-encompassing RPG game WOW, is it! Started beta testing in 2001, it has been a fan favorite since then.With its many diverse and customizable characters WOW world is definitely a place to get lost in. I started playing many years ago and the fact that this film will single-handedly bolster the Vancouver Film Industry. To this I say Bravo!! and Welcome!! World Of Warcraft, cannot wait to see what is in store. Continue reading

Even Superman And Batman cannot #SAVEBCFILM from Liberal Government?

photo(24) Man Of Steel Fantastic Four As some of you may have heard, some big productions have packed up and left Vancouver for other cities with bigger tax breaks and incentives for film. Big budget blockbusters like “Man Of Steel 2”, and the “Fantastic Four” are headed for Ontario and Louisiana where the incentives are just better. Film is a business and there’s no place for loyalty when you cannot make, or in this case save money on production.If it weren’t for the fact that Vancouver already hosted all the X-Men films, Fantastic Four and

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