Dark Angel Series Finale

Behind the monster

This is me in mutant make-up for Dark Angel

This is me in mutant make-up for Dark Angel

In 2002 I had the great honor of working on the series finale of Dark Angel. I was in full prosthetic make-up playing a mutant. We filmed in The Woodward’s building before it was torn down but after it had been gutted in preperation for its final end. There was water pouring in through huge holes in the ceiling. Almost everyone in the scene looked like a horrible monster, it was dark, musty and genuinly unsettling. We were given a tutorial on proper weapons use by an ex-military guy. It was cool, really amazing actually. It took several days to film this portion of the 2 part series finale and we spent 4-5 hours a day getting the prosthetics on not to mention the day of prep and molding of your face before filming even starts. Then another hour or so at the end of shooting to get everything off. After a few days my skin was really raw. It really made me feel for Star Trek actors and characters of that nature, its not easy. One highlight was on the last day during lunch I was able to sit with James Cameron, he expressed empathy for those of us that had trouble eating, due to the make-up and thanked us for our hard work. He talked about other projects he had in mind and one in particular was only an idea because the technology did not exist yet, to create it. I realized when Avatar came out that must have been what he was talking about. This set was filled with action and was one of the highlights of my career getting to work in prosthetics. And yes folks that is me in both of the pictures!

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