DriaStar | Album Release Party

Adrianna Edwards, and another fellow "V" Mark Edwards

Adrianna Edwards, and another fellow “V” Mark Edwards

While working on the television series, “V” in 2010 and 2011, I met many wonderful and talented people! The cast, crew, and all the production staff were just wonderful to work with. Many of us, “V’s” have gone on to successful careers in film, modeling, and now music. My friend and fellow “V” girl Adrianna Edwards, otherwise known as the artist DriaStar has cut an album. She is a talented actress, model, DJ, and musician. In her debut album, “Cancun Nights” she sings melodically alongside beautifully arranged electronic music. She says, music is a labour of love and she hopes listeners will take the journey, from the beginning, to the end of the album. This weekend I had the honour of attending DriaStar’s Album Release Party for “Cancun Nights” at Club 560 in Vancouver. The guests were treated to drinks, delicious food, beautiful decor, a live performance by DriStar and a sneak peek of her music video “One Last Time” In the video DriaStar sings and dances with her gorgeous crew including fellow, “V” guy Mark Edwards in Cancun, it is visually stunning and my love for beautiful cars, people, and scenery, made this video an out of the park home run! It really made me reminisce about my own trips to Cancun. I urge you to check out DriaStar’s new album and keep an, eye and ear out, for future smash hits to come! Her drive and determination in following her heart and dreams are inspiring and I thank her for letting me be a part of her big night. I cannot wait to see your continued success in the future! DriaStar’s album, “Cancun Nights” will be available for purchase on itunes.

DriaStar Cake

DriaStar Cake

Live Performance

Live Performance

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