Even Superman And Batman cannot #SAVEBCFILM from Liberal Government?

photo(24) Man Of Steel Fantastic Four As some of you may have heard, some big productions have packed up and left Vancouver for other cities with bigger tax breaks and incentives for film. Big budget blockbusters like “Man Of Steel 2”, and the “Fantastic Four” are headed for Ontario and Louisiana where the incentives are just better. Film is a business and there’s no place for loyalty when you cannot make, or in this case save money on production.If it weren’t for the fact that Vancouver already hosted all the X-Men films, Fantastic Four and

The Man Of Steel, which used Vancouver for much of its filming, one might be able to say, “There’s other reasons for leaving!” I can assure you that  this is not the case, if the incentives were there, these movies with the millions in revenue would have stayed right here, because they love Vancouver, they love the people, the professionals, and the scenery. They left because our government basically opened the door and let them walk away! Many argue that there are still plenty of productions shooting here, and ya sure, for now. But what about the long-term picture? It doesn’t look good! We voted the Liberals back in, so it’s too late to complain but I’m telling you, we must turn it around or we will lose a lot more, in the long run. For me personally it is heartbreaking beyond words to know that we lost the chance of having the great magic of these films brought to life in my own back yard, where maybe I would be able to take part. This is in effect crushing my life long dream of participating in the film industry, this is all the much more compounded by the fact that I love comics and superheros and knowing that Superman And Batman will appear on-screen together and Vancouver will have little to do with it, when the first one was filmed here is devastating. I don’t know what the solution is? But I feel that talking about it is the only way to keep the ideas flowing, #SAVEBCFILM

Fantastic Four



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