Happy New Year 2014!

Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, I have definitely neglected my writing but I have a good excuse! I decided to upgrade my training, during winter. (No motorcycle riding) I have done this numerous times in my life, from college degrees to summer theater schools, whatever, knowledge is power.

Working in film can sometimes feel like you are pushing a boulder up a hill, as with many things in life. It takes extreme amounts of effort and fortitude! Nothing good in life, is ever handed to you on a silver platter, which makes success all the more sweeter once it has been accomplished. Needless, to say all this focus has hampered my ability to get the stories, I had hoped to, out to you this year. That being said I have some big plans for the coming year. I started this blog at the beginning of last year, with a friend of mine, the idea man Bob Garlick! http://garlickmarketing.com/

Since that time I have had over 10,000 views. I have met with and talked to many interesting people and I have learned more about stunt performers, actors, and their world, than I could have ever imagined. I have attended a few musical celebrations including Dria Star’s album release party, Headhunterz both at club 560, (http://www.fivesixty.ca/) if you listen real carefully, you can hear me singing at the TOP of my lungs! And I had the extreme pleasure of attending, the amazing Contact Music Festival which was an absolute blast. I have also been exploring the possibilities of expanding my writing in journalism capacity and that makes me really excited!! Lastly, I am writing my first novel, the subject matter being much different from this, but if it is accepted even a fraction of what this blog has been, I would be overjoyed! I am so blessed to be able to follow my dreams, and do all  of these amazing things! I write always, from my heart, which makes me at times vunerable but thankfully you all have made that a joy, as well! Thank you all SO much for your support. To those we have lost this year, Cory Monteith, the incomparable Peter O’ Toole, and, Paul Walker, I wish you peace and grace forever more! Coming your way soon My Top Ten Movies With Motorcycles Featured and My Top Ten Film Stunts of all time. As well as some amazing interviews! A special thanks to my mom for always standing by me and helping me follow my dreams! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!






Like my moms page, she’s a painter! Thanks!



CONTACT MUSIC FESTIVAL DECEMBER 2013 Photo credits Gabe Peterson  http://contact-festival.com/

CONTACT MUSIC FESTIVAL DECEMBER 2013 Photo credits Gabe Peterson