“Hog”ust a massive success!

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to show you all a little taste of our first annual “Hog”gust event at Trev Deeley motorcycles. This was an awesome event.  Van City Stunters 13962918_1060066194042987_3437972145604126287_o 13975324_1060064850709788_3312137770893122787_o 13995429_1060064510709822_3938406655039262146_o 13995453_1060064990709774_8460825521949658329_o 13988090_1060065780709695_5936619336953964935_o 13908976_1060064474043159_4906895768733957802_o 13909222_1060065664043040_7554683211779408199_o 13909266_1060065307376409_2002582303428438805_o 13920197_1056812974368309_6809391006451870430_o 13938268_1060066004043006_7035394126614437344_o 13962887_1060065024043104_1358951205901283270_o 13962922_1056812337701706_7989608233637621562_o 13975359_1060066387376301_4006994452670100184_o 13988049_1060064937376446_4813675695442832938_o

put on an amazing show performing wicked stunts like wheelies, stoppies and burnouts, just to name a few! Memphis Blues provided the Roasted Hog and boy was it delicious, the proceeds from the food went to Children’s Hospital, a great cause to be sure! DJ Paul was spinning great tunes and kept the party rolling along. I think we can safely say the event was a massive success and we are already looking forward to next year which will also be our 100 year anniversary of doing business, what a milestone that is! I hope you will come and join us for our many events, check out our Calender here to see what’s coming up. And, I hope you all mark your calender’s for next years “Hog”ust event. And please like our Facebook page! Trev Deeley page

Photo credit Kyle Isbelle: Events and Promotions Coordinator