Into The Forest 2015

IMG_20140622_140125A few years ago I had an opportunity to ride a motorcycle on set for the movie Into The Forest Starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. It was an awesome experience, as the subject matter was right up my alley! There is nothing like riding with a group of bikers at the end of the world and being the only female, apparently I am like a cockroach, last one standing, even after the apocalypse. Bikers do seem to be cut from an unbreakable cloth, I will say that much, Daryl Dixon is a prime example!

The one downside was the bike I was riding was over 70 years old and had a 750 engine on a 550 frame, so the carburetor kept falling off. My background as a parts person really helped as I was able to fix it on the side of the road before riding it up to set in Squamish B.C. Canada. When the movie came out, there wasn’t much to be seen of me, which often happens, I have written before about the cutting room floor here….

My first real stunt driving role | Ash Koley’s “Brighter At Night” music video

But my time was forever immortalized by the paparazzi who sold my picture to the The Daily Mail.  Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to check out the movie and I am there for a brief moment and keep following this blog as there are some exciting things coming up very soon. Thanks for reading…..