My first real stunt driving role | Ash Koley’s “Brighter At Night” music video





The film business is a hard industry to be successful at, and sometimes even when you are successful, nobody sees it, because for whatever reason they decided not to use the footage and then you end up on the proverbial cutting room floor. 🙁 I guess that is part of the reason why this blog is both fun and cathartic for me, because at least I can share what I have done even though it wasn’t aired. In 2010,(was a good year for my career) I got the opportunity to drive my 2001 Yamaha BWSR scooter for Ash Koley’s, “Brighter At Night” music video. In the video, there is scene where a group of people are dancing with flashlights, super cool effect. As they are dancing I zip up to them, about a full city block and drive all around the group twice, and zip off back from whence I came. When the video came out and I wasn’t in it, save for two tiny little headlights far off in the distance, behind the piano man! I was disappointed but I still enjoyed the experience immensely. Not to mention I was doing actual driving on set on two wheels, sure it wasn’t my motorcycle but babysteps right? I had someone take video of my scene but it seems they have lost it? :'( Upwards and onwards as they say, I will keep trying, so I can bring that to you. Hell maybe the director still has their footage? I will look into that but for now I have a couple of on set photos and a link to the video. For me there is nothing more exciting than combining my two loves, riding on two wheels and film making. I hope I will get to do more of this in the future but at least I got to live my dream just once! I can die happy, not anytime soon folks, so don’t worry about that! 😉 Thanks for reading………..

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  1. Yes it is good to realize some of the work that didn’t survive to the screen but you got good experience from You have a lot of versatility, for sure!

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