Natalia Pardalis: I’m In Love With Fairy Tales

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Today I have a special story for you. A few years ago I met Natalia Pardalis. A local musician and all around talented and lovely human being. After hearing her perform I invited her to come sing and perform at The Royal Canadian Legion where I was a bartender. Continue reading

Harley-Davidson and Marvel create custom Superhero Motorcycles


Ghost Rider

Have you heard about Harley-Davidson teaming up with Marvel to create Superhero inspired motorcycles? I am a super fan of Marvel since childhood and when I heard about this I almost jumped for joy. I will never forget sitting on the floor of the comic book store and reading comics for hours and hours. Also check out these other articles below…… Continue reading

Into The Forest 2015

IMG_20140622_140125A few years ago I had an opportunity to ride a motorcycle on set for the movie Into The Forest Starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. It was an awesome experience, as the subject matter was right up my alley! There is nothing like riding with a group of bikers at the end of the world and being the only female, apparently I am like a cockroach, last one standing, even after the apocalypse. Bikers do seem to be cut from an unbreakable cloth, I will say that much, Daryl Dixon is a prime example!

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