Open Road: Ride with Norman Reedus

As some of you may already know? I am a HUGE HUGE Norman Reedus Fan. I have been since before the days of the Boondock Saints

If it weren’t for him, I probably never would have become a Walking Dead head. Did you know that Norman read for the role of Merle Dixon and they liked him so much they wrote him in as Dayrl? (Side note; to the writers of TWD: THERE IS NO NEED TO EVER KILL HIM! HE WAS WRITTEN IN)

There is no question Norman has grown into a super star with a massive following. But what I really love about him is his down to earth, somewhat goofy mentality. norman-reedus-bite He just seems to be such a great person, and anyone I have talked to that has met him says this is true. He is also an advocate for animals and a lover of motorcycles. How beyond awesome can one person be? Norman deals with biter fan! After all the years I have worked in film and all the celebrities I have met you think I wouldn’t be star struck but in this case I am! Not sorry either! 😉 O.k so now for the actual purpose of this post. Norman has a new show that I am super duper excited for called

Trailer: Open Road: Ride with Norman Reedus

I think the title says it all, this is bound to become my favourite show, next to TWD of course! I would also like to put it out there (Norman if you are listening??) I work at Harley Davidson in Vancouver, Canada and would give just about anything for a visit! And if your ever considering another season of “Ride” Please, please, please do an episode here in Vancouver!!! PLEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!! Anyway, I do realize that I am using my platform for my own selfish needs but I don’t care, totally worth it. And if this ever actually makes it back to Norman I hope it makes him smile, like I did when I saw his cameo on Vacation! Actually I screamed and scared the heck out of my dog but same diff really.