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Whenever someone has asked me, who my favorite celebrity, that I have worked with, is? My answer is always the same, Robin Williams! In 2004 I had the honor of working with Robin on a little known movie called The Final Cut. The Final Cut was a darker movie than his usual roles.

I was a production assistant on that film so I was lucky enough to spend a little time just hanging out and chatting with the crew and the actors. Robin was an amazing guy. He treated everyone with respect, from the guy who picked up the garbage/cig butts on set to his fellow actors and everyone in between. I brought my son to the set to meet him one day and he recognized his voice as the Genie from Aladdin My son was 5 years old and Robin treated him so nicely and he got a kick out of the fact that my son saw him as the Genie and nothing else at that moment. Recently I got the chance to see him again briefly on the set of The Night At The Museum 3 in Vancouver. He was polite, engaged, and always kind. I did sense an aura of sadness but I wasn’t sure? I am as shocked as the world is and had dearly hoped that this was another celebrity death hoax but alas……….it is not. :'(


As I have said in the past, I will not fret over the circumstances of his death, he is gone and there is no reason to dissect his reasonings, it happened and all that should be done now is to remember and respect his final memory. I am left with a lump in my throat and a hole in my heart just like all of you. Hopefully this helps people to see that happiness does not reside within fame and fortune, loneliness and depression can creep in and work to destroy anyones life. It makes me think of that quote, ” Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” All I can say now is that he will remain my favorite celebrity and I, his biggest fan! I can honestly say I loved him as a human being. He was a precious man, who will always be missed and loved by his family and the entire world! Rest in Peace funny man, I will never ever forget how blessed I was to have met you in this life and I look forward to seeing you in the next. Thank you for being you! Rest in glorious peace Robin William 1951-2014IMG_20140421_130117 The Final Cut Trailer

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  1. I think the ‘shame’ of his relapse from sobriety took an ugly toll. He said he had been forgiven for the ‘disgust’ he had caused those he loved but I wonder if he ever found it within himself to provide the healing self-forgiveness that is needed when we fall short in living our lives when experiencing trying times and circumstances. He was always so generous with others – I don’t think he may have been able to return the same degree of generosity to himself when it was needed at times. It was his time, with all the health issues he was confronted with, to allow the love to flow back to him that he gave to others to allow for some needed healing. Perhaps in the entertainment industry there may be, often, unrealistic pressure to ‘measure up’ to some, just out-of-reach, level of ‘acceptable’ performance resulting in pressure that may become ‘bone-crushing’ to endure. We need a kinder, gentler society which nurtures human lives instead of the one we have which so often pushes us beyond reasonable limits. I hope the impact of his death may become a ‘wake-up’ call for needed change in many of our lives.

  2. Wow! You said it all with this comment. I totally agree and I feel that though its was a difficult transition out of this world, there is no question he left us with so much of himself. A kinder, gentler world would be a wonderful thing and I encourage anyone to reach out for help if/when they need it. Great comment and thanks so much for leaving. 🙂

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