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I have a confession to make. For many years now I have had a secret obsession. It’s not always easy to admit when something has become such a big part of your life and you run the risk of being labelled a nerd if word gets out, so here goes. I am a Trekky! But honestly I am kidding, because I am quite proud of my affinity for Star Trek and with the advent of The Big Bang Theory it has become even more mainstream to be a Trekky nerd! It has taught me a lot about science and opened my mind regarding the universe and the possibilities it holds for the future. Did you know Dilithium crystals are a real thing? Many of the concepts posited in Star Trek have come to life, sadly the altruistic vision of humanity is not one of them. The world can be such a dark place and if you can find solace in an idea, entertainment in a show about a more positive future then why not? I’m not sure if I classify as Trekky or just a fan? I do know that I have been greatly saddened about the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy the great star-trek-spock1Spock! It seems we are at the end of an era and change is difficult to accept sometimes. The silver lining in all this is the new Star Trek movies. I must say I have been blown away with the attention to detail, special effects, spot on casting and just general atmosphere in the latest Star Trek films. I’ve spent many an hour watching Star Trek from the original to today and I don’t feel like any of that time was a waste. Gene Roddenberry, like Isaac Asimov before him was a visionary that was way beyond his time. So in saying all this how do you think I felt when I found out the newest Star Trek 3 would be filmed in Vancouver? Well, let’s just say I was excited! I cannot wait to see the newest installment of Star Trek and I hope you live long and prosper. Over and out!


Trrekkies – Trailer:

Star Trek Into Darkness – Official Trailer (HD):

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