Story Of A Stunt Girl | Tribute To Jocelyn Clarke

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This next article is special, it is about someone I admired very much. It is not often one comes across a person so full of life you would compare them to a comet streaking across the sky. I had the honour of meeting a comet like this and her name is Jocelyn Clarke, actress and stunt performer. I only had the opportunity to meet her several times for short periods, but she made such a huge impression on me and I wanted to share her story with you. In the words of her family, friends, colleagues, and admirers, this is Jocelyn Clark. Jocelyn came to Vancouver from Ontario to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, and a stunt performer with a stops along the way, including Banff, where she had made many friends. You see she made friends wherever she went, because she was fun, full of life and always up for an adventure! She, like all of us, had her struggles, trials, and tribulations but she never lost her positive attitude and infectious spirit, it made her stronger and more of a fighter. She worked hard at her craft and got noticed for doing things like a backwards slalom, down a hill, under the Granville street bridge. She got her big break in 1998 in the TV movie “FutureSport” and “Final Destination” and later “30 days of Night: Dark Days” Pictured above in the bath tub full of bloody goop! She also worked on such TV shows as “Smallville” “Dead Like Me” and “V” just to name a few! Her friend Deb Weir described Jocelyn in this way, “What I loved about Joc was that she was funny, beautiful, vivacious and honest! She didn’t hide anything, she wore her life on sleeve. She was very honest about who she was, and you either loved her or you loved her!” She is the epitome of a kick ass woman with a heart of gold and there is no doubt that she would have went on to a long, incredible career as an actress and stunt performer, if she had not passed away on Valentine’s Day in 2011 from a rare form of lung cancer. Needless to say this forever changed the way I look at Valentines Day. I did not need to know Jocelyn well to know that she did not want cancer to be the focus of her life story. She wanted her work, her life, contributions and acomplishments to be the impression that she left upon this world. She would have put it something like this, she was, “eventually f**ked over by cancer but not before she gave cancer a good f**king over first! She was a professional and was always up for a challenge when it came to stunts, including; motorcycles, getting shot at, flying, falling, being lit on fire, martial arts, and being attacked by dogs, whatever anyone could throw her way. David Barkes special effects co-ordinator describes a phone call he received from Jocelyn, “Hey Dave… It’s Joce…. I want to do a burn… a full body burn…. Can you help me make that happen…? It is on my bucket list” “I say about three words of a long argument I’ve prepared of why we should do this before Dustin cuts me off and says… ‘F**k that… When do we do this?” “I call Kit (Mallet) and check to see about health and weather” I make the calls and it is like a “Norse War Horn” has been sounded. Location, Safeties, Stunt Coords (Dustin), Fire Stunts (Colin Decker), DOPs/ Locations/ Producer (Trev Addie), etc. all just fell into place. The final product is Jocelyn doing a full burn stunt which was captured on video. Her shirt reads “F**k Cancer” He goes on to say, “The “F**k Cancer” shirt was Kit and Joce’s idea. There is an organization. There is footage of a “comedy” piece about “Thermal Tumor Treatment” we did during the burn sequence. She was grace under fire (literally) and always kept her sense of humor. There is also no denying Jocelyn was a beautiful women, which she fully embraced, and she had a great sense of humour about it too! Nothing illustrated this more than a story, her friend, Andrew Dundass told me about a poker game he had played with Jocelyn and some friends, Jocelyn had never played poker, he says “So she makes it to the final two against my buddy Zano, who’s a serious card player. I’d mentioned earlier in the night about Jennifer Tilly, who is a professional player now, and wears low-cut dresses to rattle the other guys at the table. Well, I come back from the kitchen after grabbing the boys another beer, to find Jocelyn had gotten “the girls” out while sitting across the table from Zano! Needless to say, Zano didn’t stand a chance, and the girl who didn’t know how to play poker had won over $300.” She was anything but up tight and absolutely everyone I spoke to described Jocelyn as out going, spontaneous, positive, fearless, and real. Everyone misses her deeply but remembers her for the amazing person she was. The truth is her story is not over, it’s never over as long as we keep her memory alive by sharing her story, the way she would have wanted. As I have said before I did not know her well and I could not have written this without the collaboration of Jocelyns friends and family, especially Kim Douglas and friends Terry Larkin, Shauna Magrath, Vicki Mills, and to the many I haven’t named, thank you for all the stories, pictures, and advise to help me produce this for the world to see and know Jocelyn Clarke. I am one of her biggest fans and when I think of how she touched me, in such a short period of time, I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for those that are closest to her, to have to let her go. To all of you, my condolences. Jocelyn changed me and reminded me to live everyday to its fullest, not to waste a single second on this planet, and to take nothing for granted. Jocelyn like Marylin Monroe, James Dean, and any other of the beautiful and talented people who were gone too young, she will be immortalized forever on film, in our dreams, and within our hearts.


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Jocelyn doing a full body burn

Jocelyn doing a reverse slalom