2016 Harley Davidson Street Bob


This is The 2016 Street Bob (FXDB) motorcycle from Harley Davidson. I took this out for a spin and was pleasantly surprised as I have ridden sport bikes for a long time and was not sure what to expect from a Harley Davidson motorcycle. One of the main arguments out there is that Harley’s are heavy, but I found most of the weight is down low and it doesn’t affect the power at all. The POWER (WOW) this bike knocked my sox off! It does have a few custom modifications from stock and boy does it move! Possibly the most torque I have ever experienced, scratch that, THE most!!! Handling? Well, let me tell you. It handles like a dream, not what I was expecting at all. Add to that, the fact that, I feel like the biggest bad ass to have ever hit the road; the look, the sound, and the styling are what dreams are made of. Every Harley I ride


becomes my favorite but I have to say, today, THIS is my favorite Harley Davidson Motorcycle. And if anyone tells you, “girls don’t ride those kind of bikes” “They are too big, too fast” They are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  If you want to come and test ride this beauty for yourself or if you have any questions at all related to motorcycling, and/or would like to purchase a motorcycle please call me at (604)291-2453 and ask for Terita. Or visit here to browse our NEW INVENTORY or check out one of our in stock STREET BOB motorcycles!