Fifty Shades Of Grey | Tomorrowland | George Clooney | Chooses Vancouver

Fifty Shades Of GreyWho needs Superman, Batman, and The Fantastic Four, when you have The World Of WarCraft, Fifty Shades Of Grey, and George Clooney in town. After announcing that the World Of Warcraft movie will be filmed in Vancouver, I have learned that the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie And Tomorrowland starring George Clooney will be filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Readers, I think I may have to eat my words on the notion that the Vancouver film industry is faltering. This doesn’t mean that I  feel that our government has done everything needed and everything is ok now, more can always be done but with that being said, I am very happy 😀 for the future of BC film. The Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise has shattered sales records and I know the movies will do the same, based on the books by E.L. James, it has swept the world, surpassing The Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight series. It is the fastest selling and best-selling book of all time! I love great stories and I love being a part of great stories more than anything in the world, reading them, writing them, filming them, guess my chances of doing that has just improved, ten fold. I plan to try to get any updates to you as soon as I have them and hoping for some interesting interviews, thanks all!