Natalia Pardalis: I’m In Love With Fairy Tales

Hello all,

Today I have a special story for you. A few years ago I met Natalia Pardalis. A local musician and all around talented and lovely human being. After hearing her perform I invited her to come sing and perform at The Royal Canadian Legion where I was a bartender. Continue reading

DriaStar | Album Release Party

Adrianna Edwards, and another fellow "V" Mark Edwards

Adrianna Edwards, and another fellow “V” Mark Edwards

While working on the television series, “V” in 2010 and 2011, I met many wonderful and talented people! The cast, crew, and all the production staff were just wonderful to work with. Many of us, “V’s” have gone on to successful careers in film, modeling, and now music. My friend and fellow “V” girl Adrianna Edwards, otherwise known as the artist DriaStar has cut an album. Continue reading