Even Superman And Batman cannot #SAVEBCFILM from Liberal Government?

photo(24) Man Of Steel Fantastic Four As some of you may have heard, some big productions have packed up and left Vancouver for other cities with bigger tax breaks and incentives for film. Big budget blockbusters like “Man Of Steel 2”, and the “Fantastic Four” are headed for Ontario and Louisiana where the incentives are just better. Film is a business and there’s no place for loyalty when you cannot make, or in this case save money on production.If it weren’t for the fact that Vancouver already hosted all the X-Men films, Fantastic Four and

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We Create BC


Savebcfilm have asked everyone in the industry to start a dialogue by speaking about what the film industry in British Columbia means to them. The film industry in British Columbia has contributed to both my world and the world around me, immensely. At some point or another, we all need an escape and for me that was stories and movies, when I was a kid stories, in books and in film were everything to me. I read every original Grimm’s fairly tale, the Danish version of the Little Mermaid story, anything C.S. Lewis and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you name it, I’ve read it! One night while travelling on B.C. Ferries they showed the movie “The Neverending Story” on a big screen during an overnight trip, I was totally engrossed! It really helped to further my love of story telling through film making. Later I discovered it was filmed in British Columbia and I realized there may be a way, I too, could be a part of the creation, of something that might touch others in the same way. Continue reading