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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing awesome! I have been busy with work and travel so I haven’t had a ton of time for my writing. I appreciate your patience and I’m glad to be able to present my latest interview with the fantastic and talented Cassandra Ebner! She is a Vancouver based stunt woman, actress and all around talented human being. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this interview and I hope you all enjoy it! I will also be starting video interviews, motorcycle tutorials and a little online store, so please stay tuned.  Continue reading CASSANDRA EBNER INTERVIEW

Female Stunt Driver | Blind Date Prank

I saw this and just had to share it with you. There is nothing like a woman with a surprise up her sleeve. I laughed out loud. The guy that was saying, “wwwwwhhhhoooo” that’s my kinda guy right there! 😀