World Of WarCraft Movie | Comes To Vancouver

WOWAs some of you may already know I am a massive video game fanatic and have been since the days of ColecoVision, that is before Atari, no I’m not making it up it did exist and if there ever were an epic and all-encompassing RPG game WOW, is it! Started beta testing in 2001, it has been a fan favorite since then.With its many diverse and customizable characters WOW world is definitely a place to get lost in. I started playing many years ago and the fact that this film will single-handedly bolster the Vancouver Film Industry. To this I say Bravo!! and Welcome!! World Of Warcraft, cannot wait to see what is in store. Continue reading

Farewell To Cory Monteith 1982-2013

Cory MonteithMany at this time are speaking out regarding the passing of Cory Monteith, star of tv series “Glee.” As you can go anywhere to find out all the facts and details of how he died and why, from any of the news outlets out there. I would rather share with you just a few words to Cory and his family. I don’t want to speak of his sudden and tragic passing, since I doubt that is what he would have wanted. It has happened and I do not see the point of delving into his personal life to find out how, that is for his family to know if they so decide. We should focus on his life and the legacy he left, don’t you think he would have wanted it that way? Media could be altruistic instead of trying to analyze this story to bits. I for one refuse to jump on that bandwagon! So here are my two cents about Cory…..hope it does him any kind of justice? Continue reading

Italian Day Part 2


As promised here is some more photos from this years Italian Day celebration on The Drive, in Vancouver. If you think you would like to attend something like this there will be a few car free days coming up and I urge you to check it out! The next one taking place Sunday June 16th, starting at noon! Join myself and many other locals for a fun outdoor day!

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