Hello all!
I have been neglecting this blog but for good reasons and I am working on some exciting things coming this year for those of you patient enough to hang in. A couple of photoshoots with some collaborations and a short film just to name a few! Here is some pictures of me prepping for one of the shoots! See if you can guess the theme? https://www.whitemonkeydesign.com

Into The Forest 2015

IMG_20140622_140125A few years ago I had an opportunity to ride a motorcycle on set for the movie Into The Forest Starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. It was an awesome experience, as the subject matter was right up my alley! There is nothing like riding with a group of bikers at the end of the world and being the only female, apparently I am like a cockroach, last one standing, even after the apocalypse. Bikers do seem to be cut from an unbreakable cloth, I will say that much, Daryl Dixon is a prime example!

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A few months ago I told you all about how I was making a move from parts person at Honda to parts person at Trev Deeley Harley Davidson

Vancouver Stunt Girl And Harley Davidson

So it turns out that the parts department would not be my final landing place at Trev Deeley, Harley Davidson. I was offered a position as a motorcycle sales person and I accepted. I am very excited about this as I feel it marries well with all of my skills, my background, and my passions. I write a lot about dreams and how I go about living them. It was a dream of mine to work for Harley Davidson and I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me and making me feel like I am part of a team and a family. Harley Davidson is really an amazing company and I have never felt as supported as I have here, so thanks again! I am excited to now be helping others realize their dreams also. I will be adding articles about the bikes we have for sale as well as new interviews and reviews of cars and bikes, so business as usual in that regard. If you would like to talk to me about getting yourself on a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle, please call me at (604)291-2453 and ask for Terita in the sales department. If you would like to browse our Inventory do so at the link provided! Let VANCOUVERSTUNTGIRL make your motorcycling dreams come true, there is really nothing like it in the world!