Tribute to one of my heros: Leslie Nielsen

Not many people know this but Leslie is Canadian and loved Vancouver! Not to mention Danish, like me! He could often be found hanging around Vancouver establishments, carefully placing his woopee cushion, on the chairs of innocent victims. He even had one of those fart machines and would catch unsuspecting people up in his pranks. “Airplane” was one of the first movies that ever made me laugh till I almost peed my pants! Leslie’s form of straight man humor is up there with the greatest of the greats! I have watched his movies with my son, in the hopes he will pass them onto his children and so on, forever and ever until the end of time. Lets always keep the memory, of this incomparable funny man, alive in our hearts and minds. I’m afraid watching Leslie from such a young age may have contributed to the formation of my humour, to the chagrin of my son and some others throughout my life. I always get a smile but usually with an eyebrow raised and a shake of the head to go with it. It still makes em laugh so what the hell, “before we are all blown to bits, mind if I pull the underwear outa my crack? A man’s gotta go comfortable” Or how about this one? She had, “a body so hot it could melt a cheese sandwich from across the room, and breasts that seemed to say, hey look at these, she was the kind of woman who made you want to drop to your knees and thank God you were a man, yyeeeeaaaahhhhh, she reminded me of my mother alright, no doubt about it” Love ya Leslie <3

53 thoughts on “Tribute to one of my heros: Leslie Nielsen

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    1. vancouverstuntgirl

      Thank you so much, I plan to keep this site open until the day I die or at least until the internet stops working, which ever day comes first, so no fear my dear. Thanks again!

      1. Roxanna

        Wonderful website. A lot of helpful info right here. I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delcsioui. And naturally, thank you on your sweat!

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    1. vancouverstuntgirl

      Thank you, I like to think so as well. I am very passionate about film and all things that go with it, I am so happy that others feel this way too, I have some big stories planned but sometimes these people are very busy so we must be patient, thanks again so much! 🙂

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    1. vancouverstuntgirl

      Oh thank you so much for saying that you enjoy my blog! I have been working on getting some new interviews with stunt performers and film industry professionals. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see in the future, thanks again!

      1. Dotty

        Die beiden machen da unten wahre Wunder. Dirk, Giniel, nur weiter so! Wahre Meister brauchen eben nicht pomposes Material, sie geben allen eine Lektion und ich drücke die Daumen, dass auch die gerechte Belohnung für diese Leistung foetl!Immgr Vollgas!

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    1. vancouverstuntgirl

      Wow! Well thank you so much for saying that! I am overwhelmed by your kindess, take care!

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    1. vancouverstuntgirl

      Oh my, well thank you dearly for that wonderful comment, it has been a while since I have written anything but I am back tonight so stay tuned! <3vanstungirl!!

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