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In 2010 I had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast and crew on the television series, “V” a remake of the 70′s show of the same name. I was a “V” (visitor from another planet) I worked on 3 different episodes, “The Pilot”, “A Bright New Day” and “Fruition” The part of the “The Pilot” I was in took place in a green screen room, a massive room painted green for computer generated graphics. A little while after the director calls, “action” and we are all doing our thing, one can hear whispers and chuckles (this rarely happens) And then, right out laughter! It was the director, apparently the hallways of spaceship had not been marked off properly and we were all walking through walls and out into space and the director and some of the crew could see this on their monitor. “A Bright New Day” was filmed at the Waterfall building in Vancouver, Canada. The architecture of the building really complemented the show and became our “Visitors Center” where we were being accepted into the country (USA) and onto the planet. I met many amazing and talented people on this set, both cast and crew. Some of my fellow “V’s” have gone onto great success including my friend Randy Rafuse, who played a customs agent whos nametag read A.Lone ;) Since then we have often remarked at the hillarious nature of said nametag. In “Fruition” I was a “V” doctor, equipped with all sorts of electronic devices. My friend Adrianna Edwards and Mark Edwards, who were also, ‘V’s’, have also gone onto great success! The set was on location in one of the citys largest cemeterys’ My favorite part was showing up to set on my scooter at 5 am it was pitch dark with a low hanging fog just above the gravestones, and me riding through at 30 kms an hour, those were good times. I had dearly hoped I might get the chance to do some prosthetic work but the show was cancelled, in my opinion, before its time buts that how it goes in this industry, nothing is forever, unless you are The Simpsons!